My Top Three Favourite Books – Natasha McEnroe

A special post on ‘My Top Three Favourite Books’ by Natasha McEnroe – Tour Leader and Keeper of Medicine at the Science Museum πŸ™‚
Dear Jon Baines Tours Friends,
I hope you are all doing well in these strange times in which we find ourselves. For those of us who love travel, it’s hard to have to stay at home. But at least it gives us all a chance to catch up on some reading and plan places that we intend to see in the future.
Those of you who have travelled with me as Tour Leader will know I love personal memoirs as a way of gaining a wider understanding of the history of medicine. As we are all confined to barracks, I thought you might like to see my Top Three Favourite Books that relate to travel and medicine. I have only chosen short and fairly upbeat books – none of us need to wade through gloomy tomes right now! All three books are available on Kindle and and I hope you will enjoy them.
1. Russia.
A Young Doctor’s Notebook by Mikhail Bulgakov.
Best known for his classic work The Master and Marguerita, Bulgakov started his career as a country doctor in Revolutionary Russia. At this time, newly qualified medics were made solely responsible for a vast section of land, and would have peasants travelling to them to cure anything and everything. This book is a series of accounts of the different people he treated – it also gives a unique perspective of Russia at this time of change.
2. France.
A Volunteer Nurse on the Western Front by Olive Dent.
This is my favourite of all the First World War memoirs. Dent gives a beautiful description of northern France and how this location was affected by the war, as well as providing us with a lively description of life under canvas for those trying to nurse in incredibly challenging conditions.
3. Middle East.
Come, Tell Me How You Live by Agatha Christie.
I am re-reading this at the moment, and it’s fascinating. Christie wrote this book whilst working at a pharmacist during the Second World War. In it, she remembers her tours in the 1930s around archaeological digs with her glamorous second husband, who was a renowned archaeologist. Her travelling conditions were very rough and ready – but she saw some amazing places.
Take care of yourselves now, and remember that better times are around the corner. Happy reading,
Natasha McEnroe
PS – All these titles are available at the usual online retailers – but perhaps check whether your favourite local bookstore can order them, as they will need extra support at this time.


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